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Meet Senior Decision Makers From International OEMs With The Following Job Titles:

Directors, Chiefs, Heads of, Managers And Specialists In The Following Areas:

  • Lightweighting
  • Lightweight Design
  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Mass, Energy and Aerodynamics
  • Complete Vehicle Engineering
  • Advanced Vehicle Technologies
  • Group Engineering
  • Engineering - Body Engineering
  • Vehicle Architecture Engineering
  • Body Structures
  • Lightweight Construction and Vehicle Weight
  • Technical Development
  • Technology Development - Composites
  • Polymers and Fluids
  • Materials Concepts
  • Co2 Technology Innovations
  • Material Development
  • Recycling
  • Lifecycle Assessment
  • Sustainability



DAY 1:

Sustainable Material Selection & Integrating Sustainability And Recyclability Into Design

  • Sustainable Lightweight Material Selection & Green Design 
  • Eco-Material Selection
  • Design For Recycling Concepts 
  • Multi-Material vehicle Structures Disassembly
  • Reuse Of The Recycle Materials
  • New Sustainable Material Innovation 

DAY 2:

Materials Selection, Design And Joining Techniques Innovation For Electrification

  • Sustainable Material Selection For B.E.V. Functional Integration 
  • Lightweight Material Selection For Battery Housing, Cooling And Body In White Integration   
  • Evaluating Cross Industry Innovation For Alternative Lightweight Materials
  • Cost Effective Joining & Bonding For Advanced Sustainable Materials    

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