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Meet Senior Decision Makers From International OEMs With The Following Job Titles:

Directors, Chiefs, Heads of, Managers And Specialists In The Following Areas:

  • Lightweighting
  • Lightweight Design
  • Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • Mass, Energy and Aerodynamics
  • Complete Vehicle Engineering
  • Advanced Vehicle Technologies
  • Group Engineering
  • Engineering - Body Engineering
  • Vehicle Architecture Engineering
  • Body Structures
  • Lightweight Construction and Vehicle Weight
  • Technical Development
  • Technology Development - Composites
  • Polymers and Fluids
  • Materials Concepts
  • Co2 Technology Innovations
  • Material Development
  • Recycling
  • Lifecycle Assessment
  • Sustainability

Virtual Business Conference For European OEMs & The Metals, Plastics & Composites Material Supply Chains

Real-life case studies with practical solutions from leading OEMs

“The best few days I’ve spent to learn and capture lightweight market trends and technologies”

General Manager, Toyota

Implementing sustainable lightweight materials and addressing vehicle design concepts in a circular economy is arguably one of the most important issues facing OEMs today. The fundamental challenges facing European OEMs are how to increase recyclability - whilst controlling costs - and ensure sustainable material selection that considers design choice, target application, safety, and material performance.

Whether the material is third generation steel, high-strength aluminum, magnesium, composites, or plastics- all need to be considered. End-of-life material recycling, therefore, needs to be made more cost-effective and less complex to implement. The appropriate selection of the optimal sustainable material for a particular application is also paramount especially considering the integration of key electrification functions for the next generation of B.E.V’s that will also eventually need to be net carbon neutral. 

“To Address Decarbonisation Within A Relatively Tight Timeframe,
Collaboration & Co-Development Is Needed Between OEMS &
The Multi-Material Supply Base”

CEO, European Automotive Manufacturer, LBCG Interview, October 2021

In February 2022 our industry leading Sustainable Lightweight Materials for Carbon Neutral & Battery Electric Vehicles conference will analyse how OEMs are implementing new design strategies, ensuring sustainability and recyclability for lightweight vehicles in a cost-effective manner.

The strategic objective of the conference is to layout the roadmap - for European OEMs and the mixed material supply chain – on how to collaborate and co-develop solutions for delivering low-cost, low emissions lightweight materials production for the next generation of vehicle designs for carbon-neutral and battery electric vehicles.

DAY 1:

"How can we revamp our existing practices on sustainable lightweight material selection?"
VP, European Automotive Manufacturer, LBCG Interview, October 2021

Day one of the conference will help you understand how leading OEMs are addressing the major challenges faced when developing cost-effective solutions for lightweight material selection & sustainable lightweight design, considering the end of life recyclability & reducing Co2 Emissions.

  • Optimise lightweight material selection & new green design concepts to reduce overall vehicle weight
  • Build a sustainable-recycling method through smart design
  • Improve disassembly & end of life processing of mixed material waste streams
  • Discover potential collaboration opportunities for cost-effective reuse of high-quality aluminium
  • Evaluate cost-effective solutions for lightweight materials recycling with high standard
  • Build a circular economy through efficient recycling methods. 

"Valuable update on the progress of OEMs towards their circular production"
Director Beyond Steel Ltd

DAY 2: 

How do you ensure light-weighting with an innovative design for multi-material structures?

On Day 2 we will discover the scope required to scale-up vehicle light-weighting, with state-of-the-art multi-material selection & innovative design principles for battery electric integrated structures & body-in-white architectures.

Explore the advancement of sophisticated design for cost effective joining solutions for dissimilar materials structure with practical case studies and interactive discussion.

  • Discover lightweight material selection & efficient design concepts to reduce overall weight
  • Optimise material selection by analysing key sustainability attributes and performance benchmarks
  • Create a cost-effective process for weight reduction for BEVs with multi-material battery enclosures and integrate specific e-mobility functions
  • Discover the potential of cross-industry innovation on alternative lightweight materials to maximise efficiency
  • Evaluating cost-effective and innovative design strategy for dissimilar material joining

"Concept directly in line with challenges I face every day. Great to hear other OEMs speaking about these issues”
Advanced Materials Research, Honda R&D

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DAY 1:

Sustainable Material Selection & Integrating Sustainability And Recyclability Into Design

  • Sustainable Lightweight Material Selection & Green Design 
  • Eco-Material Selection
  • Design For Recycling Concepts 
  • Multi-Material vehicle Structures Disassembly
  • Reuse Of The Recycle Materials
  • New Sustainable Material Innovation 

DAY 2:

Materials Selection, Design And Joining Techniques Innovation For Electrification

  • Sustainable Material Selection For B.E.V. Functional Integration 
  • Lightweight Material Selection For Battery Housing, Cooling And Body In White Integration   
  • Evaluating Cross Industry Innovation For Alternative Lightweight Materials
  • Cost Effective Joining & Bonding For Advanced Sustainable Materials    

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